Rhaetian Railway


Via Albula/Bernina
The hiking trails along the Via Albula/Bernina route within the Rhaetian Railway World Heritage site are spectacular. Our ibexes Gian and Giachen have walked and filmed these hiking trails from their own perspective – a cinematic work of reference in real time, which – in addition to the hiking videos – also offers information about highlights via various hotspots along the route. The Webwandern Albula/Bernina campaign was implemented by the Rhaetian Railway and Graubünden Ferien as part of the Ibex campaign.


Experience the joys of nature in Graubünden
Graubünden is the land of ibexes, the home of Heidi, the source of the Rhine and Switzerland’s biggest holiday region. Graubünden is renowned for its imposing mountain landscape and world-famous holiday resorts such as Engadin St. Moritz, Davos Klosters, Arosa and Flims Laax, as well as many mountain villages and valleys. Graubünden has a unique range of highlights for young and old alike. A paradise for hikers; more than 10,000 kilometres of hiking routes await you, ensuring the perfect holiday. From a leisurely hike to a major mountain tour: welcome to a unique holiday world.

Rhaetian Railway

The largest train operator in the Swiss Alps
The Rhaetian Railway is a leading supplier of leisure, commuter and freight transport services. With its unique mountain routes and famous services like the Glacier and Bernina Express, it supplies top-class rail travel experiences throughout Switzerland’s trilingual canton of Graubünden – since 1889. With its attractive offers and excellent services, it succeeds in convincing people to switch to public transport. The Albula and Bernina line between Thusis, St. Moritz and Tirano is a masterpiece of railway engineering and was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2008.