UNESCO World Heritage Rhaetian Railway

UNESCO World Heritage Rhaetian Railway

The railway line across Albula and Bernina is regarded as a truly unique masterpiece of the railway engineer’s art. For more than 100 years, trains have been running on the Albula and Bernina line. Narrow radii and sophisticated engineering structures: at the UNSESCO World Heritage site, landscape and railway blend into one.

UNESCO World Heritage Rhaetian Railway

A masterpiece of railway engineering
Designed to exist in perfect harmony with the untamed natural surroundings, the line stands as a monument to the pioneering days of railway building. Its prominent features include the Landwasser Viaduct, loop tunnels between Bergün and Preda and the Brusio Circular Viaduct. Activity seekers hike on fascinating trails, those looking to unwind relax and enjoy the rest spots, while railway enthusiasts marvel at the pioneering structures at close range.

Rhaetian Railway UNESCO World Heritage app

App shows the way
The app supports you with valuable information on the 10 hiking trails along the Albula and Bernina line. Thanks to the GPS location technology, elevation profiles and map segments of the offline app, you can always find your bearings. You can find information on the distance, duration and requirements of each stage. This means you are sure to be on the right track.

Sledging Preda/Darlux - Bergün

Ten kilometres of pure pleasure

The journey to Preda with the Rhaetian Railway is breathtaking in its own right – not least thanks to the legendary layout of the route through helical tunnels and over viaducts in the Albula Valley. From Preda, at 1,800 metres above sea level, the descent can begin – on the closed-off section of pass road, which has just as many curves and bends as the railway itself – but at terrific speed and with far more flurries of snow.

Rhaetian Railway UNESCO World Heritage Pass

For explorers
The UNESCO World Heritage Pass allows you to experience the Albula valley and Bernina Pass. There is also the Rhaetian Railway UNESCO World Heritage travel guide, which is richly illustrated and contains comprehensive information. This ensures that you won’t miss out on any sights. You can travel for two days between Thusis and Tirano – including the UNESCO World Heritage travel guide.

Along the UNESCO World Heritage site

The Rhaetian Railway UNESCO World Heritage route spans more than 130 kilometres
Whatever you are looking for, the Via Albula/Bernina hiking trail has something for everyone. Its unique layout sees it cross the Rhaetian Railway line time and again. This makes exploring bridges and viaducts child’s play. Tired legs can jump onto the Rhaetian Railway and let the natural landscapes go by in comfort.